I need help identifying and valueing an antique mirror

Where is Jockimo located? Jockimo is located on the West coast but we produce in various locations across North America. We ship our glass products anywhere in the world. What is the maximum antique mirror panel sizes available? Most of our mirror has a maximum panel size of 72″ x “. Yes – at Jockimo we specialize in custom designs and we can match many products or create custom finishes for our customers. We can laminate our antique mirror or provide a Category 2 safety backing when required.

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Early 19th century Regency mahogany antique mirror with faded silvering, original bevelled glass and ebonised stringing. This is a very nice mirror to use as decoration or reflecting light, please note that the reflected image is no longer clear. All in all a very charming and original pre-Victorian mirror. Good decorative antique mirror as is, or restore as necessary.

Can anyone tell me about this antique mirror and looking at the back I Check if there is a production date on the frame, back or in a corner.

This mirror has been in my parents house for over 80 years and has no identifying marks on it. There is brown paper on the back which started to come off so someone put blue masking tape around the perimeter. It looks to be hand carved and there are small 1″x1″ mirrors around the perimeter some of which have fallen off. Can someone give me some idea of the dating and the value? It’s really an unusual piece.

Thank you for your input. Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Mirrors. I have no idea as to age, but you won’t get a decent price unless you replace the missing mirrors. I think the decorations in the corners are probably carved plaster and gold leafed. It’s really a fabulous mirror Something about the style says Art Nouveau Did your parents collect antiques?

Were there things in their house from Europe?

Antique Mirror

This is a vintage wall mirror. An English, cast metal and glass hall or overmantle mirror in the Rococo style, dating to the mid 20th century, circa A stylish mid-century wall mirror. Displays a desirable aged patina. Cast metal frame with gilt finish in good order. Mirror plate shows sought-after minimal

This is an antique wall mirror. An english, victorian, distressed, oak mirror dating to the mid 19th century, circa Substantial and reassuringly heavyrnbeaded​.

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The History, Styles and Caring for Antique Mirrors.

Reflect upon the craftsmanship and materials used in these antique mirrors. Something for every room in the house. Impressive 19th century giltwood and gilt gesso oval mirror with girandoles c Oval plate set within an oval concave giltwood frame with applied gilt gesso detail to inner and outer edges, and app….

It looks to be hand carved and there are small 1″x1″ mirrors around the perimeter some of which have fallen off. Can someone give me some idea of the dating.

Read more. Mirror of the late 18th century from Italian manufacture Liguria. The golden frame is carved with flowers and cartouches and has along the perimeter mirror inserts. At the base of the frame there are two The frame is carved with twisted leaves and curls, finished in gold leaf. A Mid-Century Florentine Mirror in a green painted finish with gold and silver leaf, in the 18th Century style.

This is an antique triptych mirror. An Italian, gilt gesso overmantle hanging mirror, dating to the mid 19th century, circa This is a wonderfully ornate antique mirror, with desirable Italian craftsmanship and foxing to mirror glass. Delivered polished and ready for the home. Dimensions: Max Width: cm Circa , Regency giltwood and verre eglomise mirror. With gilded top with gilded beadings beneath, the frieze has a trellis design and flower heads at each end.

It has a large painted glass panel showing

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Photo credit: eBay. How old are they? Mirrors as a whole date back to ancient times, when people would use volcanic glass to see their reflection, and have evolved ever since then.

Signs of aging.

Reply 17 days ago. So, my friend told me that you can tell a mirror’s age by holding a lighter close to the mirror, and count how many flames you can see in the reflection. You need to look at it from an angle. Then multiply the number of flames by 7. Does any one know about this? Or ever hear about it? My friend wasn’t certain on the number of years and I wanted to know the truth.

We tested all of the mirrors in the house, all were different. Any thoughts? Reply 2 years ago. I was told to use a candle but a lighter works as well. I was also told that each reflection of the flame represents 10 years of age. Why or how a mirror does this and why a single flame works I do not know but sure would like to.

Giltwood Mirrors

Description: Mercurial barometers were first invented in the s. Most antique barometers found today are those dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. These are generally refurbished and sold to collectors. A mercury barometer consists of a glass tube that is closed at one end with a mercury-filled reservoir at the base.

Older glass may even be a bit wavy. Even newer mirrors’ backing may turn black and flake off, so that is not necessarily indicative of an antique mirror. If it’s a wall​.

Framed antique mirrors are valuable because of its rarity, history and classic beauty. As an interior designer, you may want to suggest to clients the addition of an antique framed mirror to add a sense of timeless elegance to the room. However, it is useful to know even just the basics on how to determine whether a mirror is truly an antique and worth its asking price. If you want to make sure, you can also work to have the antique mirror appraised by an antiquities expert.

The appraiser may even provide you with an indication of the age of your piece, as well as where it came from and its current value. Home Blog Identifying Antique Mirrors. Here are some indications that a mirror is truly an antique and not a reproduction: Size. For mirrors that go back to the s, the size will be no more than 2 feet. This is due to limitations in the manufacturing technology of mirrors. Signs of aging. For one, the antique wood frame will not be in pristine condition, regardless of how carefully it has been preserved.

There will be signs of aging that shows in the discoloration of the gilded finish, as well as uneven corners, which may be caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood in response to the heat and cold over many, many years. As for the mirror, there will be some spots and discolorations, particularly at the lower area. Give the frame a careful sniff — newer framed mirrors will give the smell of newly processed wood.

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